Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tray Ceilings, Race Cars, and Tequila?

Tray ceiling in model home-crown molding is raised to top of tray

The master bedroom tray ceiling in our home-crown molding is dropped to bottom of tray

When we had our pre-construction meeting, our PM told us he would like to change the molding in our bedroom.  He described it to me but I couldn't picture it.  I googled it on my iPhone and found an example.  It didn't look right to me (it was a bad photo) so I told him to raise it back up like the model home has.  Once I got home, I searched for more examples and I found better photos of the lowered crown molding.  After that, I decided to go with his original plan.  We had them install an outlet behind the molding so that we can run rope light behind the trim.  It's going to be connected to a switch so we can easily turn it off and on.  I love how the lowered molding gives the tray more dimension.

Gentlemen, start your engines!  Yes, that is Charlotte Motor Speedway.  Sorry the photo sucks but I only have my little camera right now.  This is the view from the windows surrounding my bath tub on the second floor.  I can't believe how close we are to the track.  Considering how well we can hear the race cars here at Concord Mills (our apartment is beside CM), we will definitely be able to hear the ruckus from our house since it is closer.     

Do you see the interesting thing about this photo?  We checked out our house last Sunday and saw that huge empty bottle of tequila in my boys' bathroom.  Odd, huh?  Our PM drilled all the workers from that weekend to try to find out who drank it but no one fessed up, of course.  He was fairly angry but I told him not to worry about it.  The house looks amazing.  If my tiles start to pop off the walls because the workers were drunk and installed them incorrectly, then we would have a problem.  He checked to make sure everything was straight just in case they were too intoxicated to do so and all was well, lol.


Unknown said...

I'm going to have to invite myself to stay at your place for the Coke 600. Go Dale Junior!

Brandy said...

LOL, anytime!!

Gina K. said...

We found beer in ours and I'm sure it was the drywall guys - the drywall looked horrendous - those more mudders had their work cut out for them.

Boy that is a toss up on the moldings. I love it both ways.

BD said...

We found a couple of beer cans in ours early on and our PM was major pissed.

BD said...

I agree with SCJ. I will come down for any of the Charlotte races. Go Jimmie Johnson!!!!