Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Drive by [11/2/11]

We now have a roof!

The house is really coming along now.  I love driving by and seeing it progress.  One good reason for that is I caught a mistake today.  In our garage, there were 2 shower/bath inserts-one for the guest bath and the other for the boys' bath.  We aren't supposed to be getting those.  All of our showers and baths are going to be tiled so I knew that was wrong.  Our tub was lifted overhead and placed in the master earlier today (according to a neighbor), so I assume that they put a shower insert into the master also.  Ugh.  Now they are going to have to rip those out this evening because the plumbing is supposed to be completed tomorrow.  It's a good thing I noticed that.  I almost left before I saw them. :P    


BD said...

Nice is especially important to make sure they get all the upgrades you may have done...that is usually where the ordering can go wrong.

Gina K. said...

I love the front porch and the dormers over the garage. Good catch on the showers. We paid for tile to the ceiling, so I hope they don't forget that.