Monday, November 07, 2011

Drive By [11.7.11]

This is the morning room off the back of the house (I adore those windows!).

Things are beginning to come together at the home site.  I saw 2 large trucks of men there today working on the heating/air conditioning.  There were also guys on the roof working on the soffits (our shingles were completed yesterday).  We have an appointment with our awesome project manager on Wednesday for a pre-drywall meeting.  I would have to assume that drywall is the next big step that they are going to tackle.  I can't wait to show you guys inside the house. :)

Speaking of inside the house, we took the boys in for the time last Saturday night.  It was dark so I used a flashlight app on my iPhone.  We showed them their rooms and the playroom.  They were so excited!  This house is going to be so special.  We picked every little detail about it and we saw the lot start off as a field.  This experience has been incredible, to say the least.    

This is the biggest benefit of our lot.  See that rock wall?  We are nestled right behind it.  I love it!!


Stephanie said...

Looking good!

Gina K. said...

Love the windows in the morning room. We have a similar arched window in our current bedroom - like it much better on your morning room than in my bedroom!

I love stone (picked it for our house), so I would love the wall too!

Good luck at pre-drywall! I think ours will be next week.

Brandy said...

Thanks gals!

BD said...

Just playing catchup with the blogs. What is that stone wall. It looks fantastic and looks to be part of your lot.

Brandy said...

The stone wall and landscaping are there because we are the first house into the backside of our development. It's an alternate entrance. We get to take advantage of that being maintained by the HOA. :)