Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Awesome News :) :) :)

Our Christmas present this year is going to be H-U-G-E.  I just got word from our project manager that we are set to close on our house December 22nd!!  I am beyond ecstatic!

We had our pre-drywall meeting today and everything looks awesome.  The siding goes up tomorrow, the insulation goes in this Saturday, drywall goes in starting on Tuesday, and the patio/driveway/sidewalk gets poured on Thursday.  The drywall will take 7 days to complete and then the cabinets will be installed on the day after the drywall is finished.  After all that is done, they will start to install all the fixtures and small pieces.


Gina K. said...

That is so exciting. I am hoping to get a H-U-G-E present for my birthday. Our tentative completion date is the first week of January, but our PM is trying hard to be done on Dec. 29th - one day after my birthday! How great for you and the kids. But stressful at the same time - as with us - to decorate or not to decorate.

Brandy said...

I hope you get your house early too! I bet you have a good chance considering the builders want to be done for the end-of-year inventory. They are especially motivated by that.

No way in heck am I going to do much decorating. All of our belongings are in storage so I had to go buy a tree just for the apartment (which I bought knowing exactly where it is going to go in the new house). I say do the minimal amount of decorating that will make you happy and then save the rest for 2012. ;)