Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Cute Tees at Children's Place

Aren't these shirts adorable? The Yeti Spaghetti one is my favorite. It says, "For Abominable Appetites" on the bottom, lol. The Snowball Fight one says, "Glacial Grudge Match-One Night Only" on the bottom. I couldn't resist them when I went to Cherry Creek in Denver over the past weekend. Me and the kiddos met up with a good college friend of mine at the mall, Jennifer (or J-fer as I call her). We had lunch at CPK and my kids were outstandingly good. I tried to explain to Jennifer that they aren't always that well behaved. They were definitely putting on a good front, lol. Clayton spent quality time at the Great American Beer Festival while we shopped.

On Sunday, I went to the Aveda salon for a prenatal massage. It was absolutely fabulous!! I will be heading back in there at the beginning of December. Shhhh, don't let Clayton know that, lol.