Monday, October 01, 2007

9/23/07-Day #3

Emerson and Hayden at Sci-Fi Dine In
E & H in the front of our "car" at Sci-Fi, Judy & Mom in the middle, Clayton in the back
I felt kinda sick this morning so I had everyone take off to Animal Kingdom without me. While they were having fun, I called up Garden Grocer (they had just delivered us a ton of groceries the day before) and asked if they could get me a particular medicine. They told me that it would be no problem and that they would even waive the delivery fee. I was amazed at how wonderful they were to work with and I highly recommend their service. Shortly afterward I took off to meet my family in the park.
Animal Kingdom was awfully hot but we somehow managed to make it through. While Mom and Clayton rode Dinosaur, the rest of us hung out in a gift shop. It's a good thing we did because a torrential downpour happened and we weren't prepared. I bought us some ponchos and then clothespinned some waterproof table cloths to the strollers. Heck if the rain was going to spoil our fun, lol.
We ended up eating lunch at Restaurantasaurus before noon. I had originally wanted to eat at Tusker House but it was being refurbed and then my second choice, Flame Tree, smelled bad. Oh well, at least we didn't go hungry.
After lunch, we headed to the safari ride when we noticed a little boy standing alone in the crowd. He was lost and his parents were no where to be seen. He looked to be around 2 years old and didn't speak English. I watched over him while Mom and Clayton went to find a cast member to help us. One guy was able to speak some basic Spanish and talked him into following him to the lost child center. It was so sad. I can't imagine losing my little one and he must have been so scared. We stopped by the lost child center shortly afterward to check on him and his parents had been notified to his whereabouts, thank God. They were on their way to get him at that point.
For the evening, we headed out to MGM. It is my favorite park but unfortunately I was unable to do pretty much everything in there due to being pregnant. At least I could still eat at my favorite fun restaurant, Sci-Fi Dine In. We had a fabulous time there. The kids absolutely loved sitting in the car to eat while watching goofy clips from old sci-fi movies. My whole family rated it as their favorite restaurant at the end of our trip.
The boys' treat bags that I made for them
Before leaving for Disney, I bought a bunch of Disney themed items for the kiddos and decorated them each a bag. They got things like Nemo toothbrushes, Mickey Mouse dolls, Incredibles fruit snacks, Cars drink cups, etc. Needless to say, they were well received. :)