Monday, October 01, 2007

9/24/07-Day #4

Pluto professing his love for my Aunt Judy at the Garden Grill, lol
The boys' getting some undivided attention from Chip & Dale at the Garden Grill
We started off the day at Epcot. Aunt Judy ended up having to go back to the room because she brought the wrong card with her and she couldn't get in the turnstiles. Thank the Lord that we were staying at a monorail resort. That sure made things easier for her to return to the room and get back to the park in decent time.
While Judy went back to get her card, Clayton took Hayden to Test Track and got to walk on twice because the lines were practically non-existant. Everyone that got to the park at rope drop headed to Soarin' (which we did and grabbed some fast passes) but they all waited in line instead of getting the passes. That worked in our favor and that is why Test Track was so dead.
Lunch was at the Garden Grill Restaurant. It is a really cool place where your booth rotates slowly around the outskirts of the restaurant and the food is excellent. The kids got to meet Mickey, Pluto, Chip and Dale while we were eating. It turns out that Emerson was really fond of the character interaction so this was the perfect place for us to have lunch. Hayden didn't seem to mind meeting them either.
Clayton didn't know it but I had made us both appointments to get massages at the Grand Floridian Spa at 2:30pm. My massage was really nice but I much prefer the Aveda spa to this one. It cost more and the massage wasn't no where near as good as what I can get at Aveda. Clayton enjoyed his but he said that it wasn't worth the money. What really sucked was the walk from the spa back to the Grand Floridian (the spa is not located in the main building-instead, it is a long walk away near the wedding pavilion). It was hot as Hades and after taking showers at the spa, it really sucked to walk back to the hotel and be sweating to death. I don't recommend wasting your money there but that is just my opinion.
Hayden at The Living Seas in Epcot

The Boys

We went back to Epcot after our treatments to meet back up with the kiddos and my Mom/Judy. Dinner was at the Coral Reef. I was so excited to try this place out but ended up severely disappointed. It was wayyyy too loud in there and my crab legs were nasty. At least the aquarium was neat to look at. :P