Monday, October 01, 2007

9/22/07-Day #2

Emerson was simply thrilled to be at Disney World, lol
We spent our first morning transferring over to the Polynesian (thank God!). The hotel was beautiful and we were so happy to be there rather than Pop. The lobby was calming and felt like we were in a different place other than Disney. It was so wonderfully themed that you actually felt like you were in a tropical place somewhere far away. It was a relatively easy process to change resorts. All I had to do was call bell services and tell them to move our baggage. We put a tip on top of the pile of luggage and left it all in our room. They moved it over to the Poly later that afternoon and brought it straight to our room. It was totally painless.
When we checked in that morning, we received our leis and got our keys to the Kingdom. Our room wasn't ready since we were there so early but at least we could go ahead and begin using our tickets and dining plan. We promptly headed over to the Magic Kingdom via the resort monorail (which is the biggest convenience ever!).
We did a couple of rides and then headed over to our first ADR (Advanced Dining Reservation) at Liberty Tree Tavern for lunch. It was delicious!! I had the pot roast and it was the best stuff ever. We will definitely be going there again.

Clayton & Mom braved Splash Mountain
Disney World puts on a wonderful light parade a few nights each week and this night was the one I picked to stay for it. Sure the crowds for it stunk, but it was well worth it. We got the kiddos on the frontline and that is all that mattered. The loved seeing all the beautiful lights and cool characters go by. Mom bought them their first set of Mickey ears for the event and they loved them. They have little lights that flash on the ears. Neither kid would let us remove the stupid sticker that said that they light up but whatever, lol.

Hayden gave the Spectro parade a thumbs up

Big E wearing his new ears at the parade