Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Yay! Going to Atlanta :)

Well, I had to give up the CK Convention (that's scrapbooking in case you have no idea what in the world I am referring to) on August 6th, BUT we are finally making the first trip to Atlanta on our surrogacy journey. I am SO excited!!! We will get to meet the intended parents (IPs) and their beautiful little girl. We will all be psychologically screened to make sure that we are of sound mind. I am kinda nervous because I am worried about them reading into everything I do and say. When I am nervous, I tend to ramble away. It's seems weird for someone to be inspecting me, but I totally understand. It makes sense to do the screening. Lord knows that someone with a devious mind like Charles Manson has no business carrying someone else's child, LOL.

Hopefully, we will get to eat at Greenwood's on Green St. That is my all-time favorite restaurant. I would give anything to have their recipe for fried honey pepper chicken, cheese grits, cornbread, and lemon chive butter. It is a very casual and unusual restaurant. It is inside of an old house and it is totally off the beaten path. It's located in Roswell off of Alpharetta Hwy in a residential area. You would never know about it unless someone else told you about it. I have never seen any advertising (not that I am complaining about that because the less people know about it, the quicker I can get a table). The only reason we know about it is because of a few friends that gave us a gift certificate to there. When we were living in Atlanta, our neighbors went on vacation and had us watch their cats. They gave us the gift certificate out of the niceness of their hearts. It's kinda funny because we moved to North Atlanta and our old neighbors moved to Florida. A few months after we all moved, we ran into each other at Greenwood's. It was really cool! Anyway, I thank them for introducing us to this quaint place. Greenwood's also owns The Swallow at the Hollow. It is a really good BBQ place right across the street.


Adrienne said...

Congratulations on the surrogate endeavor. This is a very selfless act you are doing. The karma boomerang will be swingin' your way soon, sister!


M said...

Hi! Ran into your blog since it was on the "Recently Updated" at my dashboard... good luck with the surrogacy, and BUMMER on CK! Yep, I know what CK is, especially since I'm off to CKU-A in Provo on Monday LOL! I'm trying to pull all my pre-home-work together -ack! Anyway, I'm sure you'll get double gold stars for surrogacy AND being willing to give up CK for it!

Liz said...

I think that taking on this surrogate mother endeavour is FABULOUS! Good luck with it all and I agree with the comment above. You will definitely be your share of good karma!

ps-I found a BIG scrapbook store near my home in Sydney (a 45 min train ride away, but it's huge) and I'll let you know if it's any good!

Julie said...

wow, you're going to be a surrogate? What an awesome gift to give. I hope everything goes wonderfully with that!