Saturday, July 09, 2005

Long time-no blog

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't updated the blog in a long time, but we went to Wyoming back on the 28th of June and got back on the 6th. I have been too tired to do much of anything since. If you are wondering about our trip, I will tell you, don't take little kids on a long vacation-EVER! I will admit that the flight out wasn't too bad, but we overdid it. First of all, we left for the Charlotte airport at 3am because it is 2 hours away. Then we flew to Memphis and connected to Denver. From there, we rented a van and drove 7 hours to Worland, WY. We got there around 8pm MST. We were dog-tired. We quickly crashed at his Mom's house.

While visiting, Clayton's brother Cole flew in with his girlfriend and their daughter to stay at the house too. It was totally crazy. Everything went well until the babies decided to take turns in the night waking us up. It drove us nutso since we haven't had to get up in the night since Emerson was 3.5 months. Steve, Clayton's dad, drove in from Omaha to see us all. We went out with him for lunch and dinner. He also met us in a park one day so that we could visit with some more of the family that just happened to be traveling through at the same time. Clayton's sister Stephanie and her boyfriend Tom drove 6 hours from Cheyenne to visit that weekend. All in all, it was great to see the family, but we won't be taking such long vacations with our little ones for quite some time.

Oh yea, the reason that we went on this adventure was for Clayton's 10 year high school reunion. We went to a social night at the local bar that Friday. We had a blast! I met his old classmates and enjoyed the night. He was nervous to see his old friends and cohorts, but it went rather smoothly. Hunter and Mandy were there. They were his best buds in school. I had met Mandy before, but not Hunter. He has been spending his years in Zambia (yes, that is Africa). I was rather impressed with him. He's a very cool guy.

Our trip home was awful. We drove to Denver and stayed the night there. That part was great. It was the leaving at 4am that sucked. We had to rush to get to the airport on time. Naturally, we got on the highway going the wrong direction and had to drive forever to the next exit. When we got close the entrance ramp to get back on the highway, a freaking big rig was blocking the left turn lane. That's just our luck. We somehow got in front of it and turned anyway. The rental van had to be returned and that took a little while. We got on the bus to get to the airport and realized that we were starving and that neither kid had been changed yet. The hotel offered a free made-to-order breakfast, but we left too early to get it. Ugh! By the time, we got to our gate, we had to board the plane. There was no time to change the kids or feed ourselves. I was miserable and tired. Hayden thankfully slept on the plane, but Emerson threw a fit. Clayton took him to the bathroom to change him and it didn't have a changing table. I don't know how he managed, but he did. We thought that we would get to eat at the next airport, but all we got was some Starbucks. I insisted on coffee as soon as I saw the sign. Unfortunately, we went to the terminal to find that our plane was already boarding. So we boarded without eating again. I was so stinking mad. Both flights that day were bad and we were just ready to be at home.

Rules for Wyoming:
-Don't let your gas tank go below 1/4 of tank before gassing up. Believe me, this one is true. We were on E and scared because we were in the middle of no where. After riding on fumes, we finally found a shack that had a gas pump at it. It was definitely not the type of place I would normally stop at, but you gotta do what you gotta do and we HAD to do it, LOL.

-Don't ever get a Coke. They taste like crap there. I swear that Pepsi is sabotaging the Coke because I never had a good one there. Pepsi is made in Worland, so it is rude to buy Coke, but I didn't care. I HATE Pepsi. Clayton even admits that Coke is better. When we were driving out to Worland, we stopped at a gas station in Chugwater that had fountain Coke. Clayton bought me one and I had to take it back in there to complain. It tasted rancid. In Worland, we bought mini bottles of Coke that tasted flavorless. All the local restaurants offer the P-crap there. At Pizza On The Run, yes that is the name, the menu actually said that they offer both Pepsi and Coke products. When I asked for a Coke, they smirked and said that Worland is a Pepsi town.


Adrienne said...

I get to see all your blogs, but can you read mine? I don't know cuz I am retarded when it comes to this stuff . . . Not that my blog is anything to dance in the street over, but I'd like to know so I can post some pictures of my Krazy Krew!!!!!

Peace and love

Rori said...

OMG girl I am sorry to hear that you didn't have a great time! I hope you're are relaxing now that you're home?
I will miss you on the DT!! I will try to check your blog every now and then to keep in touch. Good luck in your new beginnings!
Rori Koch

Rori said...

OMG Girl! I am such a retard sometimes! I don't know what I was thinking...just re-read Shirleys email and I (insert sexy little winking face here)don't have to miss you cause your not leaving us!!!!!!!!! :) I am sorry that I am so goofy! Can I blame it on the blonde hair dye? Hehehe. Love ya girlie!

Jenny said...


I am so glad that Max gave me the URL to your blog. It's so neat to see pictures of your adorable babies. :)

I wish that I had known you were passing through Denver. I just moved to Denver three weeks ago. I got a new job and my boyfriend's company transferred him here.

We should catch up sometime!


PS- do you have any beanie babies? ahaha