Thursday, July 28, 2005

Lunch isn't for wimps!

Oh my gosh, today was a whirlwind of stress and me wondering if I will ever get to have a civilized lunch with my buddies ever again. To start the day off, I had to get my butt out of the bed at 6am (which is WAYYYYY too early!) and get the kiddos ready to go over to Tracy's house for our Moms Club board meeting. Since I was so early, I took the kids to Chick-fil-a for breakfast. I love their little breakfast minis. I am aware that all they are is Sister Schubert's dinner rolls (which you can find in your grocer's freezer) and chicken nuggets, but gosh I love them! Anyway, I have to comment on how nice everyone was while we were there. For starters, a nice lady held the door open for us on our way in. Then, the cashier offered to take our food to our table (even though she had a long line of people) since I had my hands full with the carrier with Emerson, the diaper bag, and Hayden. As we left, a nice man held the door for us. It was so nice having people help us out. It sure isn't easy getting around with 2 small kids and all the crap that goes with them, LOL.

Afterward, we went to Tracy's for the meeting. I was amazed at how well 3 of our boys played while we chatted. They were upstairs playing like kids should. There was no whining, fighting, pushing, or toy stealing (which is very unusual). Tracy, Rhea, and myself left to go eat lunch with Kala and her 2 kids. Well, let me tell you, it wasn't very fun. There was 4 two year olds, 3 babies, and 4 moms. I love meeting up with everybody, but it was just too chaotic. If you ask me, the kids weren't all that bad. They were just loud and enjoying themselves. We stressed ourselves out trying to keep them all seated, happy, and as quiet as possible. The old people in Hendersonville couldn't help but give us dirty looks whenever they would walk past us to go to the bathroom. It was ridiculous. We got sat at the back of the place and no one was even near us. The place was loud from the piano player that was performing and that should have drowned out most of our noise anyway. Several senior citizens made comments and shot us dirty looks as they would walk past. It really ticked me off. Were they never children? It is so odd to live in a retirement town because you would think that the citizens would be nice and love children. From what I see, they do not. It's like we are an inconvenience anywhere we go because we have kids. They don't want to be anywhere near the vicinity of us families. Whatever. It would be one thing if the kids really were misbehaving. I am a strict mama and I can tell you that the kids were okay. They weren't crying or screaming and no one was hanging from the chandelier. We didn't deserve those dirty looks, we deserved applause. My God, we were trying to have a good time with our kids like good Moms should do. We were brave to put ourselves in that restaurant with all of us, but we enjoy our kids and want them to enjoy being together. What's so stinkin' bad about that?! Ugh, now I am rambling. Anyway, I felt the need to get that off my chest!

And now in other news, my neighbor Joanna Bolick had her baby girl yesterday! She is so cute. If you want to check her out, look at the blog I have listed entitled 'Tuesdays Frog and the View from the Aquarium'. I can't wait to hold sweet little Harper Kate. I plan to come over Saturday, so be expecting me Jo. Maybe we can do dinner on Monday. Whaddya think? ;)


Adrienne said...

I apologize profusely to all of you mommies out there. I represent the childless people who have on many occasions disbursed the dirty looks. I have often said that children should not be allowed to eat in restaurants. I did not realize you guys were trying that hard to make them behave.