Saturday, July 16, 2005

Last night's fiasco

I was supposed to go out on a Mom's night out tonight, but I ended up at home. I actually made it to the restaurant. I was there first and so I sat down to have a drink while waiting for the other gals. Well, I got IDed. Stupid me left my ID at home. Clayton threw it out of his wallet at me just as I was cleaning my face. I forgot to ever pick it up. Angela showed up just as I was going to check to see if I left it in the 4-Runner. I told her I would be right back. When I realized it wasn't in the car, I called her to let her know I had to drive back home to get my ID. Mind you, I don't live just down the street from this place. Halfway home, I realized that it was going to be a pain in my butt to drive back. I decided to just stay home. My tummy was rumbling and I needed to eat ASAP. I didn't want to have to wait until I got back to the restaurant to eat.

Anyway, it was a good thing that I stayed in. Clayton and I were sitting on the couch when we heard the kitchen table topple over. All you could see of Emerson was his little legs under the edge of it. We freaked. We were both panicking and thinking that Emerson would be in a severe state. Thank God he was okay. He was just scared. There was no injuries at all. What had happened was Hayden had been pulling on the back of Emerson's hook-on high chair. The table couldn't take the weight, so it fell to its side. The chair actually saved E by preventing the table from crushing him. We were so glad that they were both okay. I am glad that I was there because Clayton was really freaked out. Whew! I am glad that this whole ordeal turned out all right.


Julie said...

Oh gosh how scary! So glad he's ok!