Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Stitch Fix #6 Review (Yes, I am addicted)

I got my 6th fix last week and I really enjoyed this one. Here's what I got and how I felt about each piece:

1) Just Black Carter Skinny Ankle-Length Jeans---These beautiful cantaloupe colored pants are amazing. They fit me perfectly in the waist and rear, but are a tad bit long in length. I will alter them soon myself. I love how comfortable these are. The fabric is super soft. *KEPT*

2) Nally and Millie Leeann Reversible Tank Dress---The color and basic design of this dress is nice but it does nothing for me in terms of fit. Without a belt, it has no shape whatsoever. I needed this a few months ago when I was full blown pregnant. :P

3) Daniel Rainn Liah Dot Print Cinched Waist Blouse---This shirt is very pretty but the print made Clayton and I both think of a giraffe. I would have kept it if it had been more colorful and wasn't so easy to wrinkle. Please ignore the cantaloupe pants. I know they don't match. 

4) Honey Punch Payge Striped Cross-Back Sweater---This sweater is so pretty. Lovely mint color and cool cross-back design. In the upper left pic, I wore it with a white tank underneath since it is fairly thin. In the pic of the back, the white thing you can see is the style card hanging from the tag. *KEPT*

5) Mia Melon Paloma Back Cutout Jersey Top---I have to say that I despise the back of this top. The bottom hem scallops like the shape of a butt and ended up making mine look huge. I don't like the back cutout or the loose fit. It does nothing for my figure. The color is beautiful and I really like the neckline though. The white thing that you see in the back is the style card hanging from the tag. Sorry I somehow deleted the pic of the card and I already sent it back to SF.

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disclaimer: I DO NOT get paid for writing these reviews. These are my own personal opinions and I have no connection to Stitch Fix, other than being a satisfied customer. :)