Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hayden's Awesome 10th Birthday Party (from 1/21/13)

For Hayden's 10th birthday, we went all out. We rented the neighborhood clubhouse and invited a bunch of kids to play video games. No one knew what the party was going to be like because I kept it all a surprise. I had H and his guests eat pizza as soon as they showed up. While inside, I closed all the blinds so that they couldn't see the game truck setting up in the parking lot. They had no idea. When H was done eating, I took him out by himself to see it first. He was so excited when he realized what was going to happen. All the other kids were standing at the windows cheering by the time we took the above photo. It was hilarious listening to how excited they all were. We then opened the doors and they all flooded into the truck as quick as they could. They played all sorts of games against each other. The truck came equipped with 4 flat screen tvs and many different game consoles/games to choose from. It was awesome!! Those kids never left the truck the entire 2 hours of game time. In case they got bored, there were 2 game coaches that would lead the party and keep it exciting (I don't think they had to do anything because they never got bored, lol). It was the easiest and best birthday party that I have ever done. I was hugely pregnant at the time (this was back in January) and I just didn't have the energy to participate. With the game truck, I didn't have to do much of anything except feed them, lol. All the boys thanked me and genuinely seemed to enjoy themselves.

Yes, I made cupcakes rather than an elaborately decorated 3-tiered cake.  Believe me, I wanted to make an awesome cake. I was just too pregnant to make it so I took the easy way out. The boys didn't really seem to care anyway. They devoured the cupcakes.