Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Stitch Fix #5 and #4 Reviews

I am going to begin with my #5 fix that I just received this past Saturday.  If you have no clue what I am talking about or want to read about how the service works, check this previous post.  I adore this service and it excites me to get a box custom-designed for me every 2 weeks (that's how close I schedule my fixes but you can schedule one whenever you desire with no obligation).  To receive your own fixes, simply go to Stitch Fix and get started.  It's easy and fun!

Here's what I got in fix #5:
1) Kensie Lizzeth Polka Dot Sweater - Love this! It is thin and feels awesome. The color is more of a fall color though and I am looking for spring items now. If I had received this in September, I would have definitely kept it. It was hard sending it back!

2) Lasome Debbie Dot Print V-Neck Dress - I admit that I was underwhelmed when I pulled this out of the box. It lacked color and looked boring.  And then I put it on.  My opinion completely changed.  The fluttery sleeves and V-neck (on front and back) are so cute! LOVE this dress. It is super silky feeling and doesn't wrinkle at all. I wore it immediately after trying it on. I paired it with a tiny black belt and a magenta cardigan. It was perfect for my surprise trip to stay-the-night in Charlotte (the boys surprised me for Mother's Day for fun and good eats in the city).---KEPT 

3) Eight Sixty Arizona Striped Jersey Dress - I have another admission to make. I hated this when I saw it in the box. It's a good thing that these stylists really know what they are doing because I would have passed on this dress if I had seen it in a store. The pleats at the waistline and the scoop neckline in the back made it a winner. The fabric feels amazingly soft and the blue stripes are pretty. I wore this on Sunday to Mother's Day breakfast and was complimented. I wore a skinny black belt and a bright yellow cardigan.---KEPT 

4) Lasome Taylor Geo Print Cowl Neck Dress - The fabric on this dress is ugly, in my opinion. It looks like something someone in the 70's would have worn. Blech. I love the cowl neck feature but that's about it.

5) Very J Alaina Striped Button-Up Tank - This shirt felt so good that I wanted to keep it just for the comfort. Unfortunately, it was too loose and made me look pregnant again. The striped fabric colors are pretty but I disliked the blue trim fabric used on the collar. It was kinda holy and looked cheap. This shirt looks like it could have easily been bought at Wal-Mart so it was a big fat no.

Stitch Fix #4 - I tried all of these items on but didn't take pics. This fix was a total bust for me. The green skirt was cute but made me look a tad bit too wide (though that could be because I was only 5 weeks post-partum). I may request it to reappear in my next fix because I really liked it. I just hope that they have a larger size. The sweater was a no-go immediately. I hate gold metals and colors. I have that noted on my profile but I still got this, even though the stripes are a brownish gold. The chevron dress was a huge no-go for me. I dislike ikat patterns because they have rough edges (and usually weird color combos) and the chevrons on this had the rough edges that I despise. It also had a huge hi-low hemline and I have now made sure a note on my profile that I do not like that trend. The polka dot dress was absolutely lovely but fit me totally wrong. I wanted it to work so badly! The colors and print were so pretty. The waistline sit in a weird spot on me though and it didn't work. The lace top was nice but puckered at my chest. It wasn't very soft either so got sent back also. Sigh... that was the first time that I lost my $20 stylist fee. I learned a lot from this fix though so I have now updated my profile to reflect my preferences even more. My future fixes should be even more personalized now. :)

Wanna check out Stitch Fix? Feel free to use my special link: Stitch Fix


Anonymous said...

Got my first fix today...was so looking forward to it. It was really disappointing. Everything is going back. Will try again once more....