Monday, June 10, 2013

Stitch Fix #7---Can't decide what to keep

It's that time again!  I received my 7th Stitch Fix this past Saturday.  Jocelyn was my stylist.

B_envied: Wynn Front Pocket Blouse-Grrrrr, I have a note on my profile that says that I want color and that I find black boring.  Somehow, I ended up with a solid black blouse anyway.  To make matters worse, I also have it noted that I do not like gold metals.  There are two very gold buttons on the sleeves of this.  Ugh.  Regardless of color and the gold buttons, I love the fit of this blouse.  I just wish it had a pattern on it of some sort (stripes, polka dots, or SOMETHING).  Regardless of my disdain, I could actually use a black blouse since I don't already have one.  I am still thinking on this one.  BTW, I am well aware that the black blouse doesn't match the navy pants but I was too lazy to go upstairs to get something out of my closet.

Jack by BB Dakota: Dean Striped Hi-Low Tank-When I saw this folded in my box, I got angry.  I had already bought this dress so why did they send it again?  They were just kidding.  They sent me the top that matches a dress that I bought in fix #2.  I wondered why I would buy it since I already have something that is made with the same material but then I tried it on.  It is so cute and it feels so soft.  It would be perfect for summer in the hot south.  Regardless of how much I like it, it is a rather simple tank top that costs $48.  That just isn't happening. [I know I look weird with my hand over my boob in the pic but I wasn't wearing a bra.]

Staccato: Arriah Striped Hi-Lo Blouse-This blouse is pretty but isn't a perfect fit for me.  If I keep it, I will have to fix the shoulders a little bit.  They pucker awkwardly.  It wouldn't take much to correct but I really shouldn't have to do it when I spend so much on clothes.  The color in the photo looks bright orange/black but it is actually a nice salmon/navy.  I do not care for the hi-lo hemline but I could tuck it in.  The back has solid navy at the bottom.

Kensie: Johnny Skinny Jeans-My gosh, these pants rock my socks.  They fit perfectly and are so comfy!  Mine are a lovely deep navy blue. {KEEPING}

Tulle: Moritz Geo Print Sleeveless Dress-OK, I adore this cute dress but I have an OCD issue with it.  Across the bodice, the lines from the pattern do not align across horizontally.  You cannot see what I mean in the photo, but the lines slant down and look like a novice seamstress put this together.  I used to be a seamstress so it is driving me crazy that the pattern wasn't sewn straight across.  What's weird is that they managed to cut and sew the backside straight across. I wish they had managed to do that to the front also.  Anyway, it is only really noticeable if you are really close to me.  If you stand back, the pattern looks really cool and you can't see the lines.  It's hard to explain. I am in love with this dress so I have a request in to Stitch Fix to exchange it.  Oh, and I forgot to mention that the colors in the photo are look bad.  They are actually navy, coral, white, and mint.  It is such a pretty color combo.

I am still waiting to hear back about the dress exchange before I decide what to do.  The dress is the piece that will make it or break for a complete buy of the whole kit and kaboodle.  I would love to finally buy a whole fix for the 25% discount but I am not quite sure what I am going to do as of yet.  I will update this post as soon as I know.

If you are interested in this fun service, visit Stitch Fix's website at: Stitch Fix.

UPDATED: I ended up keeping the pants and sending everything else back.  I just couldn't come to terms with the dress and the tank was way too expensive for what it is.  I didn't like the fit of the salmon/blue striped blouse.  The black blouse looked good on but isn't anything special.  Next fix is schedule for 6/21.