Thursday, June 27, 2013

Stitch Fix #8 (Total Score!)-Review

Stitch fix #8 was a total score.  I kept all 5 items and finally got to use the 25% discount.  Yay!!  My stylist for this box was Jackie and I feel like she completely understood me.  She must have really looked at my Pinterest and took my pinned fashion pieces into account when she put my box together.  I love her and have already requested her for my next fix (next week).  She may end up being my permanent stylist in the future.

Here's what I got:

MAK JACLYNN 3/4 SLEEVE BUTTON-UP CARDIGAN - I saw this in three different colors on Stitch Fix's website and love all of them.  They sent me the dark coral one and it is so pretty.  It looks fabulous with my new chevron dress.

HONEY PUNCH HARRIET CHEVRON PRINT DETAIL DRESS - This dress is a tiny bit small in the chest area so I have to wear it without the bulk of a bra.  That's fine by me since I would prefer not to wear one anyway.  You can't see anything through the solid black top so no worries.  Love the chevron bottom and the inclusion of pockets.  Since it is black/off white, I can pair it up with any colorful cardigan or accessories.  It's very versatile.

TULLE BAIN CINCH-WAIST TEXTURED COTTON TANK  - The fabric on this tank has a pretty texture and is deep coral.  It is adorable.  The picture doesn't do it much justice.  It is very comfortable.  There are cute buttons on the back that I tried to get a photo of but it turned out blurry.

KUT FROM THE KLOTH DAUMIER DOT COTTON CHAMBRAY BLOUSE - This designer makes great clothes.  I tend to love a lot of their stuff and this one didn't disappoint.  I have had this shirt pinned on my Pinterest board for quite some time.  It is gorgeous!  While I am not a fan of chambray (or denim) tops, this shirt is simply striking.  It is fitted and feminine.  I can layer it under a sweater, wear it open with a tank top, or wear it all by itself.  It will be an essential piece for my wardrobe.

DANIEL RAINN ASHLEE SILK TAB SLEEVE BLOUSE - I admit to being disappointed when I saw this top listed on my content sheet.  I don't really like the feel or maintenance of silk.  It wrinkles horribly and is not wash&wear.  Well, I was so surprised when I saw this.  It doesn't have that weird suede-y feel of typical silk (though it is 100% silk).  It is really wrinkled in the photo because I had bunched it up in a pile the night before I took the above photos.  The fabric really doesn't wrinkle that easily though.  It is a beautiful mint color.  I will need to wear a tank top underneath because it is on the thin side.  I wasn't wearing a bra for the pic so I had to edit out my nipple-age, lol.

If you want to give STITCH FIX a chance to impress you with their mad styling skills, go for it!  I enjoy getting surprise packages in the mail.  It is so much fun.