Friday, January 20, 2012

Espresso Cabinet Frustration (For Brooke)

These scratches are hubby's fault and so he vowed to get me a new drawer front.


Brooke said...

I agree with you, this is a little disappointing. But they are still so pretty! I'll just have to wall off the kitchen from the little one (if thats even possible).
Is there a warranty on the timberlake cabinet for this type of thing? I guess I'll be keeping my eye out for a touch up stain... :/

Brooke said...

PS-Thanks for posting those pictures so fast!!!

Brandy said...

No problem gal! I just wanted to warn you about what you are up against. Definitely get some hardware on your cabinets ASAP. That will really help keep them from getting damaged when you start organizing everything into them. As for touch-up stain, they give you matching stain and a crayon but it doesn't really help if you scratch them. It's tough to hide marks. Not sure if Timberlake has a warranty or not. Regardless, these cabinets are not high quality like we had in our last home. They are light-weight and the finish comes off easily. I hate the fact that they have narrow openings. Getting things in/out is a pain. I gotta say though, I love the way that they look!! Even with all my ranting, I would still rather have them than my last ones. They get so many compliments and they truly are gorgeous in my kitchen. :)