Sunday, January 29, 2012

Birthday Pancakes

Birthday pancakes = 1 happy birthday boy!

I can't believe my Hayden is now 9 years old.  Wow, only one year away from double digits.  That's crazy!  I made him some birthday cake pancakes this morning and he loved them.  Clayton did too.  He described them as being like a sugar cookie and I agree (which is exactly why I didn't care for them).  Hayden has chosen to go to Afton Tavern for his birthday lunch.  My mom and dad are coming up to go with us.  I hope he asks for the cookie skillet for dessert because it is sooo dang good.

I have no clue what we will do this evening but it will be something fun.  Hope you all had a great weekend!  


Charlex1087 said...

I don't mind admitting that even at 24, I forwarded this to my husband to make for me for my next birthday!

Jess said...

those pancakes look like any kids dream breakfast. Hope Hayden had a great day and you got a bit of the cookie skillet :)