Thursday, December 08, 2011

Going Stir Crazy

We are so close to getting our new house now that I am beginning to lose it.  I am super anxious.  Why?  Here's a list:

1-I am sick of running up to our 3rd floor apartment (which is a 1 bedroom to make matters worse).
2-I hate getting wake up calls from my highly vocal neighbor that has "relations" at all hours of the night.
3-I do not like having to defrost the car in the morning since I don't have a garage currently.
4-Fighting for a parking spot in front of our building can be rather annoying.
5-The yard apes (affectionate word for annoying kids) outside yelling and screaming ALL THE TIME makes me cringe.  The walls are thin and the kids are obnoxious.  Where are the dang parents in this place???

After all that complaining, here are the things I am currently thankful for:

1-I love being close to family.  We are going to have an amazing Christmas this year!!
2-My kids are wonderful.  They really are good kids and I couldn't ask for better.
3-Clayton is the best husband.  No, seriously.  I don't know any other guy who would be able to live up to him.
4-We are all healthy, with the exception of my numerous dental woes, of course.
5-Our home is almost ready for us.

I haven't felt like we have had any normalcy since moving here back in late April.  Life has been hard with the selling of our house in Colorado, the commuting my hubby had to do the first 3 months, the 2 month stint in the temporary apartment in south Charlotte, the 6 months spent in a 1 bedroom apartment, the moving and storage of all of our belongings (which we cannot access because everything is packed too tight), and numerous other things that I just don't care to mention.  It all sounds like a nightmare but really, this was my dream.  I never thought that we would ever get to move back home to NC.  I am so happy that God has blessed us with this opportunity.  It was rather amazing and fast how everything happened to get us to this point.  For all of this, I am extremely happy and thankful.


Marja said...

I think it would be so unnerving not to be in my own home with all my stuff. It's just too unsettling otherwise! Now if only I could take our house, add an extra floor and larger rooms in general, then move the house to the US (preferably near the beach some place), I'd be living in bliss! I'd guess it's even harder with two kids missing their stuff too! And now that we don't live in an apartment, I am not sure I'd be able to go back to that for all the reasons you mentioned. Only a few weeks left right? Then you get to totally make this house your home and of course share photos so some of us can live vicariously through you with the dream home ;) Oh, and perhaps get some earplugs so you don't have to hear the "relations" ;) I had that at one apartment.... it's so embarrassing the next time you run into said neighbors!

Brandy said...

It is! I can't stand my belongings being in storage. It's been since April that I last saw my scrapbooking supplies. How weird is that?! It's going to feel like Christmas just going through all my boxes. Oh yea, and it really will be Christmas, lol.

I am so aggravated about the "relations". They live beside us and our bedrooms are back-to-back. My neighbor underneath me can hear everything. She gets mad if we sneeze. I am embarrassed that she might think that is us making all that racket in the middle of the night. Trust me, it is really loud. Thankfully, we don't share the same stairwell or side of the building with the loud couple so I never have to see them. I wouldn't be able to keep a straight face, lol.