Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Flooring is going in today!!

I drove by the house after I picked the boys up from school today.  To my surprise, I saw 2 vans of flooring installers.  The had the hardwoods down for most of the first floor but carpet was just starting throughout the rest of the house.  That was at 3pm so I would venture to guess that they will finish up tomorrow.  From what I could tell, everything looked great!  I would have taken photos but it was a chaotic mess.  I could barely see the hardwoods thanks to all the dirty footprints on it.  We get to do our official walk-through next Tuesday so I will be sure to get some pics then, if not before. 


Gina K. said...

Yay - so glad your hardwoods came in!

Charlex1087 said...

So exciting...can't wait to see pictures!