Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Drive By [12.6.11]-Almost Done!!

LOVE my new 60/40 sink and granite!

Let me just say that these photos suck and I am well aware of it.  I forgot my camera card so I had to use my iPhone.  There were workers everywhere so I took my photos rather quickly.  

Double ovens-they still have blue plastic on them for protection (BTW-that isn't me in the reflection.  I think that is one of the cleaners, lol).

This pic is really horrible but at least you can see how the kitchen is coming together.  All of my appliances are in except the gas cook-top.  The pendant lights are something that Ryan just started adding to the Dorsey Hall.  There will be 2 bar stools underneath them for the kids to eat on the island.

I heard from our PM today and he said that our hardwoods would be going in on Friday.  Odds and ends are being done right now like putting the lights, switch plates, chandeliers, and faucets in.  There were 2 women cleaning everything today.  It's really looking good!  Next week will be when they do all of their touch-ups.  He said that week will be spent making it a perfect "10".  Wow, so I now wonder-Can we possibly close sooner than originally projected???  I know we are put down for 12/23 in the books, but our PM has said that he thinks that it could be sooner by a few days.  I sure hope that we can close earlier because that is too close to Christmas.  We will have a hard time celebrating in the midst of moving all of our crap in.  Oh well, I can't complain.  The house will sure be a nice Christmas gift!


Sgt.Rich said...

Brandy, it looks great. The pendant lights are a nice touch.

Brandy said...

Thanks! I think the pendant lights look weird in that photo but they will make more sense once I have bar stools in there.