Wednesday, October 19, 2011

So I have a concussion...

It doesn't look like I am the only one, lol.  Poor Emerson was so tired after school.  He fell asleep like this during my visit with the doctor.  Seriously, how can he sleep like that?

Last Thursday, I hit my head which resulted in a concussion.  I was bending over to pet Christine's dog, Rocky, in the kitchen.  He started to jump and lick my face so I jerked my head up to avoid his death breath. When I did that, I hit the corner of the kitchen island with the back of my head.  It hurt so bad.  I iced it really well and took some Motrin to ease the pain.  All was fine that night but things got worse over the weekend.  I started having horrible headaches, my vision got noticeably weaker, and my stomach would occasionally get nauseous.  I knew something was up but I decided to hold out until Monday.  I felt fine that morning but the headache kicked in that afternoon.  On the way to get the boys from school, I decided that I should go see a doctor on my way home.  I am so glad I did!  She diagnosed me with a concussion after asking lots of questions and doing neurological testing on me.  I got a couple prescriptions and was ordered to take it easy for the next week.  The pain med she gave me has taken all of my pain away but it makes me a bit woozy and the muscle relaxer makes me incredibly sleepy.  I hate the side effects but it is nice not having to deal with the awful headaches.