Monday, October 24, 2011

House Options-Part 2

I chose the guest bathroom on the first floor.  I fell in love with the beautiful blue glass tiles in this set.  The bathroom will have a spa feeling.  The floor and shower will be tiled with the big tiles shown (they are lighter in real life).  The decorative tile will go across the upper portion of the shower walls.  Once again, we chose a corner shelf instead of a soap dish since we use liquid soap.  

This picture is terrible.  Both carpets are frieze.  The bottom carpet is supposed to be a beautiful off-white color that will be in the family room, scrapbook room and guest suite (all on the first floor).  The carpet behind it is what I chose for the top floor.  It is a neutral mix of colors.  I chose it because it won't show dirt and spills as bad.  The kids will be on that carpet the majority of their childhood so I would prefer not to see the wear and tear as easily.  It will be in all 4 of the upstairs bedrooms, hallway, and the bonus room.

We opted not to upgrade the boys' bathroom to floor tile but they will get a white tiled bathtub/shower.  The cabinets are going to be maple and the flooring will be linoleum.

This linoleum is what we chose for the laundry room on the second floor.


Gina K. said...

Wow - I love those floors. I love the look of the wide, distressed boards. We didn't have any options like that. :(

Great choices! Can't wait to see it in the house all put together.

Brandy said...

Thanks so much! We had looked at some homes with a different builder and all of their spec homes had those floors in them. I fell in love. It was going to be a deal breaker if Ryan didn't offer them. Thankfully, they did. :)