Thursday, October 27, 2011

Drive-by [10.27.11]

Look what came today!!
Our builder pieced together the walls and trusses off-site in a temperature controlled warehouse before it got dropped off at our lot.  Now we just need someone to put the puzzle together and it will start to actually look like a house!
Hayden waving to me from the middle of the slab

The boys running around and goofing off on the slab


Gina K. said...

The pictures for this blog and the one before aren't working for me at the moment, but congrats on getting your lumber!! So exciting to see our sitting there today, too. Somehow it makes it all feel real now. I'm sure I will say that every day from now until settlement until we actually move in.


BD said...

Same not showing up...can't wait to see the progress...Good Luck and Happy Building!!!

Brandy said...

Thanks gals! I have no idea why the pics aren't working though. I think that I am having problems with picasa uploading them. What's weird is that I can see them on my blog from my computer but I cannot if I use my iPhone. I will try to fix this tonight.

Gina K. said...

Pics are working! Looks great.