Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Finally Back Online!

We are still sitting in an apartment while we wait for our house in Colorado to sell.  It has been a nightmare.  Our house supposedly sold back on 7/29 but then the buyer's loan fell through 2 weeks later.  As a result, we have been stuck in limbo land.  We can't buy or build until that house is sold.  Money is becoming an issue since we have to still pay the mortgage and utilities for CO while paying rent and utilities for our apartment here in NC.  On top of that, we have paid some money out to reserve our lot to build (if we end up going that route).  I have tried to get a job to help pay some bills but nothing has worked out.  Everything seems to be a big halt at the moment.  So that's what has been going on.  Sorry for my absence here on the ole blog.  We didn't want to shell out the money for cable internet until we got a house but we broke down this past week.  I just couldn't deal with watching Netflix and Facebooking via my iPhone any longer.  3G isn't good enough for all my techie entertainment, lol.  BTW, all of our stuff is still in CO so we didn't even have a tv to run movies on (I used my laptop or my iPhone).  Suffice it to say, it has been rather dull around here.

Anyway, I plan to return to blogging now that I have glorious wifi once again!  Hope everyone hasn't left me.


Marja in London, UK said...

I've been checking back from time to time so am glad you're back. I'm a random reader in London :) Hope the house sells soon so you can be out of Limbo Land as that is NO fun.

I'd be miserable without a home and all my stuff!