Friday, September 30, 2011

Planet Box

I have an addiction to lunch boxes.  Don't ask me why but I love to buy them.  The Planet Box is something that I have been watching for years on the internet but I just never could pay such a steep price for them.  Well, this year I just had to.  And guess what?  I LOVE them!!  I was so afraid that I would spend all that money and feel like I wasted it.  They are sturdy metal and clasp shut with a clip that even a toddler can undo.  I always worry about my kids opening plastic containers and spilling their lunch all over themselves in the process.  With these, I never have to worry about that.  They are dishwasher safe (which is a MUST for me-I refuse to hand wash anything, lol).  The lunch bag is designed to hold the metal box perfectly.  It allows everything to fold out flat which would be great for car trips since they could hold it on their laps easily. If you are interested in learning more, you can check them out at Planet Box.  You can only buy them directly from their website or from Pottery Barn (which you can't customize as much there).  I am in no way affiliated with Planet Box nor am I being compensated to blog about them.  I just really love this product!

Your kids can choose from a variety of magnets to personalize their boxes.  Emerson chose the space theme and Hayden chose the modern art theme.  

I wish I had a couple more of these for myself and Clayton or so that I could pack up another day's worth of their lunches in advance but Clayton has already put the kabosh on that. :P