Friday, July 22, 2011

Father's Day Weekend-2011

Clayton with the doggies, Duey and Basil

We spent Father's Day weekend in Raleigh with our besties, the Barnes'.  I let Clayton open his gift early on Saturday in case he got to go golfing that evening.  The boys and I got him an awesome pair of golf shoes.  Unfortunately, they were too nice.  He ended up exchanging them at an Ecco store in Myrtle Beach for a pair that looked more like street shoes.  The best part of that transaction was that I got a pair too.  The store was having a buy one, get one pair 1/2 off sale.  So for the price of the pair he originally had, we both got a pair. :)

Jason and Natascha have a boat so we spent that Saturday out on Lake Jordan.  It was a blast!  The sun was hot so we all got in the water to cool down.

Big E and Hayden

Jasmine and Hayden