Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wanna see what $40 can get you?

Geez, I can't believe that this tub of candy was so stinkin' expensive! I had to have a little bit of everything though, lol. Thank the Lord I had a $65 gift card from Walgreens to use on it. It's too bad that Halloween is 2 days away because hubby and I can't keep our hands out of it. We are huge candy fanatics so I may have to run out and get more before the trick-or-treaters begin making their rounds on Friday night. We have a humongous neighborhood with tons of kiddos so I know we need to have a lot on hand. Last year I never even got to go inside so I ended up sitting on the porch with all the loot beside me. I froze my butt off. I hope this year won't be so chilly.

We got boo'ed by some neighbors tonight. Last year I was the one who started it on my street so I am glad that someone else took the initiative to start it this year. Now I am going to have to head out to Target tomorrow to gather up the supplies to boo 2 households that haven't already been boo'ed. How fun!
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