Monday, October 20, 2008

Almost 18 weeks

These pics were taken yesterday at the pumpkin patch. The sun made it really hard for me to not squint.

This surrobaby bump seems so much smaller than in my previous three pregnancies. I predict this one to be a girl. Here is a comparison of all 4 pregnancies:

Baby Boy #1-Hayden
I was huge!! I gained 47 total pounds with him. My appetite was completely insatiable.
Food aversion-grilled foods (the smell of a grill was nasty to me)
Cravings-horseradish and McDonald's
Never sick. No nausea whatsoever. I always felt good.
Totally clear complexion. Being pregnant actually cleared my face up.

Baby Boy #2-Emerson
I looked pregnant fairly early on. I gained 31 total pounds with him. Food was my friend, lol.
Food aversion-grilled foods
Cravings-none really
Very minor nausea but overall I felt very good. It was smooth sailing.
Perfect skin.

Baby Boy #3-Surrobabe "M"
I gained weight quickly in the beginning and showed very early (it was twins originally). Gained 31 lbs. No problems eating.
Food aversion-grilled foods
Cravings-California rolls with wasabi
Minor nausea but nothing I couldn't handle.
Perfect skin.

Baby #4-Surrobabe
I am tiny at 18 weeks (I wasn't with the others). So far I have gained 6 lbs. Don't care to eat. Meat is yucky, lol.
Food aversion-anything meat related (I don't hate the smell of a grill this time)
Cravings-spicy foods (which I normally hate), Mexican food, pineapple, ice cream
Horrible bouts of nausea throughout the first 13 weeks. Had to get Zofran to feel somewhat normal.
My skin took a turn for the worse in the 1st trimester. Ugh, stupid clogged pores.
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Joanna Bolick said...

You look tiny & terrific!!