Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Night

I took several photos but this was the only halfway decent one and Hayden isn't even looking at me, lol. Emerson was Anakin Skywalker and H was a blue Power Ranger. Now mind you, Hayden doesn't even watch that show and we do not have any Power Ranger crap in our house. I have no idea why he chose that costume. Can you tell that I hate that show? I just could not talk him into anything else. Sigh....

The weather was wonderful that night. It was clear and comfortable outside. I sat on the front porch giving out candy all night with short sleeves on. I never even needed a jacket. Last year was a different story as I froze my patootie off.
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Adrienne said...

that is so funny that he doesn't watch the power rangers but still selected that costume! kids are nuts!