Friday, October 24, 2008

Do you really want to know? lol

Every year I have an OCD habit of finishing all of my holiday to-dos early. This year I seem to have outdone myself.

-The Christmas cards were all signed and addressed back in August. I am picking up the photos for them tonight and I will slip them into their envies. I am still waiting on holiday stamps for them.

-We bought the kiddos big ticket items back in February (Nintendo DSs and accessories). All of their other gifts have been bought too including their stocking stuffers. I just need to get them some Christmas candy. My parents bought them a Wii 2 months ago (along with a game, extra controller and extra nunchuk) and it has already been shipped here. It is all wrapped up and ready to go just like everything else we have purchased. In addition, the boys' birthday gifts have been bought too since E's b-day is in November and H's b-day is in January.

-I have already bought and wrapped gifts for almost everyone on my list. I only have about 5 people to buy for and they are all little things.

-Christmas jammies (yearly tradition) for the boys have already been bought as well as mine and my Mom's. Clayton and Dad's are the only ones I have left to find. In addition, this will make you roll your eyes but I bought the boys' jammies for next year too, lol.

-Christmas ornaments from Hallmark (yearly tradition) have already been bought for all of us. I still need to wrap them though.

-My recipe cards that I send out are almost complete. I just need to type up a few more recipes to finish them.

Sheesh, I think that is about it. I am so glad that I am this far ahead because I don't like to rush during December to get it all done. I much prefer to relax and enjoy the holiday season. ;)