Monday, June 30, 2008

Surrogacy Update

Hey guys! I am happy to say that everything is going perfectly according to plan. I flew out to San Fran yesterday to have an u/s and my uterine lining was at a 13 (it had to be at least an 8 to proceed). I also had some bloodwork done to test my E2 (estrogen) levels and it came back awesome too. The egg donor was given the green light to do her hcg trigger shot on Sunday so her retrieval will be on Tuesday. She had 26 follicles at her last check. I fly back to San Fran next Saturday for our embryo transfer on Sunday around noon. My IPs and I are both incredibly excited. I can't believe that transfer time is right around the corner!!

On a scary side note, the RE told me that I had an amazing number of follicles in my ovaries. They were both fully loaded with them. He said that I would make an awesome egg donor if I ever decided to do that. No way will I ever but I knew that news would make Clayton cringe. He is terrified of the thought of having more babies. He really wants to get snip snip but I have a hard time okaying that for some reason. I simply don't want him to. Now that we have confirmation that I am quite a bit fertile (this RE wasn't the first to note how many potential eggies I had in there), he is even more concerned with having something permanent done to prevent expanding our brood, lol.