Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The kiddos have been having fun with pirate stuff lately. On Monday I had them take homemade pirate hooks and see how many pretzels that they could scoop up with them. That was a huge hit at snacktime. See how into it they were? lol

Yesterday was the egg donor's retrieval. The RE was able to retrieve 20 eggies for our upcoming transfer. Yay!

My Mom is flying in today to take care of the kiddos while I go to San Francisco this weekend. She should be here around 6pm and we can't wait to pick her up. I hope that she has me some chicken biscuits from Biscuitville stuffed in her suitcase. I miss having breakfast biscuits so much! Colorado really needs to think about getting either a Biscuitville or a Bojangles so that I can get my biscuit fix. McDonald's is the only place here that has them and they are not worth talking about. Blech.


Sherry said...

omg, you're making me hungry! I so miss Bojangles & Biscuitville. We don't have them in Indiana either. Those are southern fast food staples!

Adrienne said...

i know there are chik-fil-a's in colorado! they have breakfast, and it is awesome!