Friday, July 11, 2008

I will be back soon, I promise...

I am so sorry that I just blogged and ran off after my journey back home from San Fran. It hasn't been my intentions. My Mom is here taking care of me and I have just been taking it super easy. My days have consisted of lots of naps and chit-chat. I just haven't wanted to jump on the computer lately. Mom will be leaving on Monday and I will then return to blogging regularly, I pinky swear. I will give a surrogacy update and share some pics then too. We are going to Estes Park tomorrow to show Mom around and Sunday will likely be something fun too.

Have a wonderful weekend!! :)


Krista Smith said...

Hey! cool that you saw Guy he on those Friday's commercials? Good luck with the transfer! How weird would it be for you to finally carry a girl?
I know, the secret is out. Trevor actually told everyone, so I figured it was not a big deal anymore. He was coerced by a neighbor and then Mimi and Poppi got it out of him too! UGH! LOL
I just have a few more weeks! Miss you!