Friday, June 13, 2008

Thank God...

We finally got another car! Clayton was beginning to go nutso from looking at so many. He originally was set on buying a new Honda Civic but we ended up buying a '09 Toyota Corolla instead. What happened was yesterday we drove out to Honda and made an offer. They wouldn't lower the price more the $300 from the sticker. Clayton told them to forget it and so we went over to Toyota and bought the Corolla. It was a fairly easy sale and hubby did good in the negotiations. It took forever to complete though. I swear, signing all the crap to buy the house went alot faster than the car paperwork. Sheesh! Anyway, the car is silver and is really cute. It also gets great gas mileage (which is precisely why we bought it). I told Clayton that the car's name is going to be along the lines of Bert (if I decide it is a he) or Bertie (if I think it is a she). He just rolled his eyes at me, lol.

Today the kiddos are going to their Aunt Stephanie's house in Cheyenne for the weekend. They can't wait and we can't either. It will be the first time that we have been kidless together in a year. We plan to go out on a dinner date tonight and a movie tomorrow. I am thinking of maybe The Melting Pot or a Mediterranean restaurant in Fort Collins. I know for sure that we will be seeing the new M. Night Shyamalan flick "The Happening". We are huge fans of his work so we can't wait to see his latest one.


Adrienne said...

i love m. night shamalamadingdong--those who didn't like the village are just too stupid to get it ;p

congrats on the new wheels. did you guys jump high in the air like they did on the old toyota commercials from the 80's? :)