Friday, June 20, 2008


I have been super slack on the ole blog lately. For that I apologize. We've been having lots of issues with my wireless router lately and so I haven't jumped on here very much. What has been going on around here in the past 5 days? Well, not much but here is a recap:

Tuesday-I went grocery shopping in the county below me and found out that they do not have sales tax on food there. Guess where I will be going from now on, lol.

Wednesday-I went to have some surrogacy bloodwork done. Everything was perfect so I got cleared to begin even more drugs. Whoo hoo! After my blood draw, we went to a fun bouncehouse place called Jumpin'. My friend Melissa and her kiddos joined us. It was so relaxing. The kids took off and only checked in with us every so often for a much-needed swig of water. They completely wore themselves out, lol. I had to leave around 2pm because I needed to get the kids to Clayton. I had a dentist appt. to get some cracks in my teeth fixed (Lesson learned-DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT eat hard chunks of ice no matter how much you crave it!). When I am pregnant I will grab huge pieces of ice from the freezer and eat it. That is soooo bad for your teeth. Yes, I know I am not preggo (yet!) but this habit continued after my last pregnancy for some reason. I must still be a little bit anemic (craving ice is usually a sign of anemia). Now I am paying the price for my nasty little habit. 3 teeth have been fixed over the past 2 weeks. At both visits for dental repair, I chose to do the laughing gas (nitrous oxide) because I was so anxious. Let me tell you, that stuff is wonderful. I told my dentist that it was great to be high and watching the Best of Will Ferrell from SNL at the same time. I could have sat there forever in my own little happy world, lol

I have nothing much to say about Thursday and today. The kids and I have just been sitting around the house pretty much doing nothing. We don't have any weekend family plans but I can't wait until Sunday. I will be getting my hair chopped off at Aveda. Here's the look I am going for:

Wish me luck!


Marja said...

Cool hairstyle! I had that cut when I used to live in LA, so quite a while ago. It was so easy to style and worked well as I had a convertible and my hair used to get so tangled before I got it chopped!

I'm getting a haircut tomorrow but nothing that short. My face is fat and round as I'm pregnant at the moment and I think I'd end up wearing a paper bag over my head if I went too short! I'm one of the preggo people who gains way too much weight! Just a shoulder length bob for me I think!


Laurie said...

Hi Brandy. Thanks for your email. I too, had not looked at your blog in a very long time and it is so exciting to hear you are going to be a surro mom again. That's wonderful. Your kids are so darn cute! I can't wait to see your new hairdo. You are so right - Zack has gotten so big. Your precious gift did his body good - all 30 pounds of him! He is such a healthy boy! And I am so grateful for all the work you put into pumping for him! I will never forget. Can't wait to see the new hairdo.