Thursday, May 22, 2008

We are okay...

Clayton got home safe and sound at 4:30pm. Thank the Lord! His car has substantial damage though-3 windows got blown out, the driver side mirror got busted, the gas cover is missing, there are tons of dents from hail damage and the right tail light is completely gone. Hopefully the insurance company will count it is a total loss.
Just thought that I would jump on here and let you all know that we are doing okay despite having 6 local tornados today. I had no idea what was going on until I tried to take Hayden to school at 11:45am. We had just pulled into the McDonald's drive-thru for happy meals when they lost all of their power. They gave us our meals for free and I began to drive away. When I got out onto the main road, I heard someone yelling my name. I realized that Hayden's teacher was over in the McDonald's parking lot along with several other people. They were all standing outside looking towards where the school is. I pulled back in and asked what was going on. That's when I was told that there was a large tornado near the school. I took off for home (only about a mile up the street) but pulled over for a brief moment to see if I could see anything. My fear became realized when I noticed alot of ugly dark clouds looming over the direction where Clayton works. It was close to lunch time so I was praying that he didn't go out to eat. I tried to call him but the lines were tied and I got his voicemail when I did get through. I continued on my way home but got caught in a long line of cars at the railroad crossing. Apparently the storm messed up the guard rails and they were down for no reason. Once I finally got around the rails, it only took me another minute to get home. Once I turned on the tv I realized that this particular tornado that just went through was no joke. It was about 3/4 mile wide and they are still working to determine the strength (possibly EF2 or EF3). Judging from the footage I saw, it was a monster storm. I am soooo glad that it skipped my neighborhood. I would have completely freaked out.

Shortly after arriving home, Clayton called me to make sure that we were okay. He was stuck inside a tornado shelter area in his office building and couldn't see anything outside because there were no windows. Some of his co-workers got to walk around and check on things. He said that it didn't sound very good. Their building made it through the storm with minimal damage but there were several structures outside that were destroyed. He was told that if you have a car outside in the parking lot then you could count on it being damaged. Oh well, at least hubby is okay. That's what really matters.

Clayton called me again a little while ago and he still hadn't been released from the tornado shelter. Their building was without power and I don't think that it will be restored anytime soon. The town of Windsor took the brunt of the storm (which is where he works). I am just wondering how he is going to get home. We are still under a tornado watch until 8pm as the conditions are right for more storms. I hate not being with him. :(

I will keep my blog updated as long as I have internet access.


Joanna Bolick said...

Oh my gosh, Brandy, that's so, so scary! So glad everyone is okay! Sorry about Clayton's car, though. Thankful he was safe inside the building!!

Sandie said...

Oh brandy, my thoughts and prayers are with you!