Monday, May 12, 2008

My boys

This river cut all through the town. It was so pretty!

My herb garden that I planted over the weekend. We took a trip out to Lowe's and Clayton bought me the supplies to start one up. I love having fresh herbs so that I can make all kinds of yummy dishes. I got basil, cilantro (one of our faves), parsley, rosemary, chives, thyme, oregano, dill, and mint (for Kala's yummy mojitos).

I heard the kids and Clayton going nuts outside so I took a look out the back door to see this little guy. He was adorable! I threw some carrots (organic, of course-lol) out to him. He stayed for a little while and then Hayden got too close for his comfort. Bunny made a mad dash out the gate. I hope we get to see him again. :)
***Someone asked me how far apart my boys are in my last post and I cannot reply through email so I will answer here. They are 21 months apart. Hayden was born in January of '03 and Emerson was born in November of '04. To answer the question of what that age spacing is like, I will try to be nice, lol. It is extremely challenging at times and the bickering is annoying. My kiddos were super easy the first 2 years because Emerson was such an easy baby and Hayden was an easy-going kid. Once E got old enough to play with H, that's when it all went downhill. They are so close in age that they simply cannot get along. They want to fight over anything and everything! I swear somedays I just want to pull all my hair out. When Hayden hit 3.5 is when it really hit rock bottom and it was miserable until he turned 5. Now it isn't quite so bad but they still fight ALOT. I separate them when they drive me crazy and then it is easy. As long as they aren't together, I get peace. One will get sent to the play area or their bedroom and the other will go downstairs to the living room. My sanity comes first so if I feel the need to separate, I do it.
I will say that I mentioned to hubby yesterday that maybe I should have spaced them further but he made a good point. If I would have waited, then I would have had to start over just as soon as I gained more freedom from Hayden going to school. That would have sucked. Basically, I got through the diaper/baby phase rather quickly since they were back-to-back. Once Hayden begins school in Fall, E will only be 2 years behind him. I can't wait to have my days back to myself. Yes, I am spoiled and I miss having "me" time during the day. I was a Stay-at-home Wife before I was ever a Stay-at-home Mom. Believe me, being a SAHW was a slice of heaven, lol.
So, I know I sounded a bit discouraging in the age spacing but I am glad that I did it. My boys will hopefully grow close as they get older. I am glad to be done with the baby phase and I am glad that I went the quicker route. It was simply out of the question for me to only have one kid (as I am an only child and DO NOT recommend it) so I wanted to get the baby part over with quickly.***


Marja said...

LOL, thanks for replying about the age gap! I'm an only child too and while I loved it growing up, I wish I had a sibling now that my folks are getting older, etc. We decided to go for 2 kids back to back for the very reason you mentioned: wanting to get over the diapers and baby stuff as quickly as possible. I was a SAHW for 6 years before DD arrived and yep totally miss the "me" time, being able to come and go without a second thought and being able to pretty much do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Having DD was the biggest shock of my life. Good one but at times, drives me insane. Our next baby is a boy so I wonder if that will make a difference compared to two boys vs two girls. I guess time will tell and I'll admit I'm already looking forward to and at the same time dreading the kids starting school as I know I will miss them but at the same time love my free time again.

Thanks again,


Terri said...

My boys are 3 years apart and they fight alot. I think it's just what siblings do. My sis and I are 4 years apart and we fought constantely growing up.