Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day to me!

The boys woke me up Sunday morning with cards that they had gotten for me. They were the new Hallmark ones that play back a recorded message for the sender and then they play music. Emerson's said, "I love your kisses Mama" (which he says all the time, lol) and Hayden's said, "Happy Mother's Day-I love you Mama". How sweet are they?! Both boys also gave me some yummy organic chocolate bars.

Clayton made me and the boys breakfast-chocolate chip pancakes with peanut butter syrup (he makes the BEST pancakes!). He also gave me a present and I was thrilled to see what it was. He bought me a new set of Kitchenaid Cookware that I have really been wanting. My cookware has seen better days and so I started hinting to him a little while back that I wanted to replace my old ones. He actually ruined one of my old pans with non-stick spray making his famous pancakes, lol.

We took off around lunch to Estes Park. It was so gorgeous up there! We went to the local brewery for lunch. When we were leaving, I noticed some big animals near a fence in the lot next to us. I decided to get closer and then realized that it was elk. It looked like they were fenced in but they were free-roaming. I couldn't believe how they just walked about like they owned the place, lol. Clayton then remembered hearing something about the elk walking all over the town. It was really cool.

The local wildlife
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Renae Burt said...

love the pics....very very sweet