Monday, May 05, 2008

Our Weekend-A Recap

Clayton and I watched Juno Friday night and we both really liked it. It ended up a bit different than I imagined but it was a really good movie. Ellen Page reminds me of a young Janine Garafalo. If you haven't seen it, go get it. It won't disappoint.

I had to go have a blood test done on Saturday morning for the surrogacy. What really sucked was that I had to fast beforehand. I was soooo hungry. As soon as I left the office, I took off to Panera Bread. Emerson and I both ate some yummy stuff and then we took some back to the soccer fields for Hayden and Clayton. Hayden had 2 games since one was canceled the week before. This was the last weekend of soccer so he really made it count. He didn't score a goal but he came really close. We were so proud. Emerson played his final game that afternoon. He did a great job and got 2 ribbons to bring home.

After soccer, we went back home so Clayton could work on painting the living room. While he was busy, I scrapped the rest of my 2006 album since it was National Scrapbooking Day. I just had to celebrate it somehow, lol.

Sunday was a doozy. For one thing, the kids were driving me bonkers. It didn't help that I had tons of chores to catch up on. I cooked dinner for the family of 11 across the street so that took up a good portion of my day (BTW, it wasn't too bad cooking for a large family but I can't imagine spending that much on every meal-eek!). Afterward, I managed to organize all of my scrapbook kits and I now have idea pages ready to print out for each one. That took me forever to put together but it was well worth it. Today I will print everything out and add the pages to my idea binder for future reference.


Gabrielle said...

We haven't seen Juno yet, I've heard some great reviews!

How exciting to be one step closer on the next baby bump!

Krista Smith said...

an old internet friend of mine wrote Juno. She is Diablo Cody (although that's just a pen name) and she's super talented and quirky! Glad you liked it! :)
Congrats on getting some scrapping done! I have a place to do it now (finally) but still havent' found the time!