Friday, April 11, 2008

Wanna see our home? Come on in!

I have had several distant relatives ask to see what our house looks like so I took a few pics. We still haven't painted all the rooms but at least everything is slowly coming together. Maybe by the time everyone comes out here to visit I will finally be done decorating and organizing (yeah right), lol. I don't have pics of the laundry room (it's pretty dull), the downstairs bath (haven't done anything to it yet) or my scrap room (it is a DISASTER at the moment, lol). Our basement is 1100 square feet of concrete and not much else so it doesn't deserve any mention either.

Check out the posts below to do a little walk-through. ;)


Adrienne said...

i've really enjoyed checking out the pics of the fabulous logan home-- this space has so much potential, and if u wanna i have some suggestions that would make you envy of the neighborhood :)

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