Friday, April 11, 2008

Living Room & Kitchen

This is what our living room looks like right now. We still haven't gotten the recessed area aboved the tv painted just yet but that should be happening soon. I need to get more knick knacks to go up there too. Oops, I just noticed that the couch still has those pads underneath it to make it easier to move. Ugh, those have got to go, lol.

This pic is a bit distorted due to too much sunlight coming through the windows but at least you can see what they look like. We had to get shades custom fitted to go over each one because they let in way too much light during the day. I have long curtains to go under those valances but I just haven't gotten around to ironing them just yet. :P

Who is that sexy man down there?? BTW-He was attempting to do a little dance for me, lol.

You can see a little bit of the kitchen from this shot. Since I recently posted a million pics of that room while organizing it, I will spare you the agony. If you didn't see the posts about my kitchen organization, you can read them here. I absolutely love my kitchen now. :)