Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Class Reunion *sigh*

Well, I got the invite in the mail a little while back and I have been undecided. This is our 12 year reunion since our class president decided to be slack and not live up to their duties at the 10 year mark. I was totally ticked off when we didn't have one. Some sweet gals stepped up and planned everything out for our class this year. While that is totally awesome, I don't think that I will be able to attend. For one thing, the flights back home are outrageous from Denver (why, oh why couldn't we have done the 10 year reunion when I still lived in NC!!). I wouldn't think much about paying $300-$400 for me to go but I have to bring my kids back with me too so multiply those numbers times 3. Ugh. At least my family would be able to babysit if I went and that is blissfully *free*. The kicker that really bugs me is that my hubby can't go. We already have his vacation days for the year planned out. He has already used several for seeing family when they drop into town and for watching the kiddos while I do surrogacy stuff. He also has to take a week off for our Disney trip and he likes to take most of December off for the holidays (which I love having him home!). Basically, I would have to go it alone and I have no desire to do so. As far as the surrogacy is concerned, that will likely be another issue too as I bet that we do the transfer in CA around the same time as the reunion. Gosh I am bummed out. I would love to see some of my old friends and hear about what they have been doing the past 12 years. :(