Friday, April 11, 2008

Master Bedroom

I just love having a grown-up bedroom for the first time! We finally upgraded our bed to a King when we moved in last year and it has been wonderful. Our friends could never understand how we slept in a Full sized bed before. We never minded being cuddled up close (we spoon each other anyway) but it is a nice feeling to be able to spread out if we need to.

Now, what color can you guys recommend for the walls in here? The curtains are a dark chocolate brown and the bedding is a pretty soft blue.

This is our little seating area. I like to chat on the phone here (hence the phone charger cord hanging from the table).

Ok, one of the weirdest things about Colorado homes is that alot of them don't have doors going from the master bedroom to the bath. I can't understand the logic in that so I hung a chocolate brown velvet curtain (same as the others in my room) from a spring rod so that the light doesn't blind me in the mornings when Clayton is getting ready for work. When it is down, it covers the opening completely so that no light comes into the bedroom.