Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I know I have been a little slack on the blog lately but last week kinda stunk and I had nothing to talk about. Everyone in the house had some sort of sickness. This week is going much better though.

This past Sunday was especially crappy for me. I met a gal for lunch (we had previously met at Target during the week and hit it off). We had kids the same age and we shared similar interests. I really thought that I had found my new best friend. Well, she had an alterior motive that took me by complete surprise. We chatted for the first 30 min. of our meeting and everything was going well until she wanted to talk about what our husbands do for a living. I told her that Clayton was a chemical engineer and then she proceeded to give me a vague description of her hubby's Internet job that he does from home. I was intrigued so then I asked more questions (which is apparently what she wanted me to do). She then pulls out some brochure and goes on to tell me that my hubby could make good money from home too. She bragged about the figures that he could make (because her hubby makes that) and I hate to tell her this but my hubby still makes a heck of a lot more (so ha!). I was appalled and felt so used. I can't believe that she would try to befriend me just to get us to join in on their crackpot business venture. I definitely didn't see that one coming. Ugh. Now I will never trust anyone that I strike up a conversation with. Afterward, I took off to Target for some much needed retail therapy.


Joanna Bolick said...

That sucks!
We had a woman do that to us, too. We ran into her in the babyfood aisle at the grocery store and she seemed nice and friendly and blah blah blah..but really just wanted Mark to meet her husband to talk about his new venture.
Same kind of scheme.
Makes you feel used.

Stupid people!
Sorry about that!!

Krista Smith said...

Oh No! I mean, it's funny but it's so not.