Saturday, March 08, 2008

Mission:Organization [Kitchen-Part 4]

Wow, I can't believe that the majority of my kitchen has finally been organized. Clayton decided to aid in helping by puchasing me this cool tool holder today (you can see the older/smaller one in a pic below). I was thrilled! He also bought me a bunch of new KitchenAid tools to go in it and a matching spoon rest. He is so thoughtful. :)

Time to get down to business. My cabinets finally were completed this morning. I finally quit procrastinating and just did it. It really helped that hubby took the kiddos out with him to do some shopping.

The cabinets pictured above are the ones on the right side of my sink. I keep all my plates and bowls in cabinets above the bread box. The corner cabinets also contain my roasting pan, food trays, kid bowls/plates/trays, and coffee mugs.

This is the little cabinet next to my dishwasher. Looks a bit narrow, huh? I remember looking at it and wandering what the heck to do with it when we moved in. You would think that it would be perfect for baking sheets but that doesn't make sense because there is already a baking sheet drawer below my ovens and the location isn't convenient to the oven area. I decided to store my cooling racks and serving trays in there. It also has a dish rack in it but I am going to throw it out now that I think about it (it hasn't been used in ages).