Saturday, March 08, 2008

Mission:Organization [Kichen-Part 4, continued]

This is the main cooking area of my kitchen and where I spend alot of my time. The cabinet to the left contains alot of appliances and containers with the top shelves holding the least used items and the bottom ones holding frequently used items.

The middle cabinets above the microwave hold all of Clayton's beer glasses and mugs. I also store items to make mixed drinks on the top right shelf.

The cabinet to the right of the microwave houses all of our drinking cups/glasses. Notice how I have some storage room left? Gotta love that. ;)

The cabinets above the fridge contain 3 bins and a large Ryland folder that contains all of the information about our house. We rarely access these cabinets so I decided to store tax refunds in one bin and all of our operation manuals in another. The third bin is empty until I find a need for it.

Left-all of my cookware lids on top (shelf slides out) and my rice cooker on bottom

Middle-small appliances that I use occasionally

Right-pots/pans on top (shelf slides out) and stock pots on bottom

This silverware drawer on the left side of the cooktop. The drawer on the right side contains all of my wraps and baggies (not shown as I forgot to take a pic).

This my kitchen cleaning supply area under the sinks. I hope to get an organizer in there soon to make it hold 2 levels of stuff.