Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Mission:Organization [Kitchen-Part 3]

Today I am focusing on our kitchen island which is also my main food prep area.

In the left drawer I have a chrome silverware sorter and some loose tools (ha ha, that sounded like loose stools). The sorter is arranged by groupings: can openers, bottle cap openers/cork opener, ice cream scoops, thermometers/candy making supplies and potato peelers. The green container holds all of my corn on the cob holders plus a corn cob scrub brush. The main drawer holds more food prep tools and my cutting boards.

Here are my cabinets below the main drawer. The one on the left contains alot of spices that aren't used very much (I have a spice rack with the 40 most popular spices on my counter) and baking ingredients. I haven't really organized those 2 shelves just yet but that will be happening soon. The top shelf on the right has my measuring spoons/cups and some mixing bowls. The bottom right shelf has a large bin with lots of small Tupperware containers for leftover foods. Finding containers to pack Clayton's lunch has been a lot easier since I found this bin. It fits perfectly into the cabinet lenghth-wise and width-wise so we get maximum storage potential out of it.

This is the cabinet below the left side drawer. The top shelf pulls out to reveal all of my bento lunch supplies. I have containerized all of my decorative food picks, sauce cups, shape cutters, food cups and dressing bottles. The bottom shelf has a bin that we throw all of our recycling in. It serves as a holding area before the litter gets taken out to the recycling bins in the garage. It fits perfectly into the space and can hold alot which keeps us from running to the garage all the time. I will say that this bin has saved my island countertop from being cluttered with broken down food boxes and plastic drink bottles. :)

I hope you all are enjoying my organization posts. I will be focusing on all the other cabinets in my kitchen in the next post and that will be the final post for that area of my home (with the exception of my food pantry/refrigerator-those will have to come later as they are still a disaster, lol). Have a great day!


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I am so going to use your idea for a little caddy in my Tupperware cupboard. Great idea!