Monday, June 18, 2007


Sorry I haven't been able to update the ole blog. We are still stuck in a hotel at the moment and my wireless connection won't work. I have to use the hotel's computer to check my email for now.

Our closing on the new house is supposed to happen tomorrow but it may be a day or two later. Ugh. Anyway, I have very good news to report. We sold our house in NC this past Friday!! Someone wanted to see our house the day that we were moving out but we couldn't let them due to the movers being there. They ended up coming by that Thursday and loved it. We got the contracts on Friday and I had to negotiate everything from the hotel. Clayton started his first day on the job that day so he wasn't around to agree or disagree with anything. By the time he came home I had already sealed the deal. He was quite surprised and pleased that it all worked out so well and that I had gotten a great price for our house. What a sigh of relief!

As far as communication goes, I have my cell phone still but our minutes have been used up. If you want to chat with us, email me at and I will give you our direct number here at the hotel.

I hope you all are having a wonderful week! I will try to update again later this week. ;)


Heather and Lance said...

Hey Brandy. I hope that the closing happens soon. I am sure it will be a relief to get settled into your new home. Miss you :) Totally bumed that we did not get to meet IRL before you left. But I am sure we will have other opportunities.

Joanna Bolick said...

Whohooo for selling your house! I hope that you've been able to move into your new house by now! Thinking of you!